Salon Terms & Conditions admin 06/12/2023

Salon Terms & Conditions


Having a booking with Hyper Nails is by appointment only.  Please message if you have any questions about your booking requirements.


Hyper Nails Salon will not re-balance or infill other salons’ work – if you are a new client with someone else’s work on your nails, ensure you select the service you are wanting, as well as the Pre-Service Removal add on as you are making the appointment.  If in doubt of anything, please send me a message to confirm.


The salon is a busy place with back-to-back bookings, so it’s great that you are all on time. Your allotted booking time includes 5 mins for you to choose your design and colours. If indecision takes over, I risk overlapping time slots. It is handy to look at nail designs before your appointment and bring those inspiration photos along with you. Alternatively I’d be happy to create something wonderful for you.


Services don’t all take the same amount of time. If you come to your appointment and find you haven’t booked correctly, you may not leave with what you thought you were going to get.  If you are unsure about what to book for (length, nail art, rebalances etc) please send me a message to check – no question is a silly question.


We are within our rights to refuse any services we deem unfit to provide.


Service pricing is subject to change without notice.


Hyper Nails Salon is not a child-proofed space, and we cannot guarantee an immaculate service if there are distractions, bodies moving around, and tables bumped. There is a Kids Club available on site at certain times, feel free to ask at Counties Fitness reception if you want to use this service.  Minimum age for ANY service is 16 years old.


Deposits are non-refundable but may be transferable to another time slot at Hyper Nails’ discretion.


We also ask for a minimum of 48 hours’ notice when cancelling or rescheduling your booking as your deposit is non-refundable – but in some circumstances, it may be transferable.


No-shows are taken seriously.  Full payment in advance is required for any future appointments.


Lateness beyond 10 minutes without prior contact will result in rescheduling the appointment, and the deposit will be forfeited.  If you inform us in advance about a 10-minute delay but wish to change the service originally booked in for, you may do so at Hyper Nails’ discretion, provided time allows.  Hyper Nails maintains a commitment to quality service and will not rush or perform half a service within the allotted time slot.


In the event of illness or an inability to keep the scheduled time, please contact Hyper Nails as soon as possible to make arrangements for rebooking or cancellation.

If you attend an appointment visibly unwell, we reserve the right to refuse service, and you will be charged at the full cost. 

While we appreciate your enthusiasm for nail care, it’s crucial to keep in mind that we interact closely with individuals from diverse backgrounds daily, and I also have me own family. Your health, as well as mine, takes precedence over your nail services.



In the event that I’m unable to complete a service for any reason, (be it Illness, business events outside Hyper Nails immediate control or emergency), all efforts will be made to accommodate the client at the next possible time suiting both parties.