Wildflowers Reflective Flare Gel Polishadmin20/05/202409/06/2024

Wildflowers Reflective Flare Gel Polish

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These gels look amazing in all lighting!  They’re holographic glitter gels that have a flare when you use your cameras flash!  Flare reflective gels have a slightly thicker viscosity than normal gel polish.  Wipe one side of your brush well when removing it from the bottle, and apply with slightly slower stroke for best application.


Raspberry Tart, Razzle, Radiance, Glitz, Champagne Pop, Sparks, Lime Chiffon, Cherry Pie, Blue Raspberry, Harlot, Lemon Fizz, Rose, Cherry Bomb, Sapphire Desire, Oceans, Blackbird, Strawberry Sorbet